One of the challenges that professionals face, is how to get to work each day. Depending on your needs such as commute time, work schedule, safety and transportation for your family, our team at Breathe Logistics will facilitate people, products and even pets to travel from A to B in a convenient way. All transportation services are easily acquired by us, fast but safe and reliable.

Airport Shuttling

Breathe Logistics understands the importance of feeling welcome, safe and taken care off from the moment you land in Suriname. With our airport Shuttling services, we ensure comfortable and safe travel from and to our International Airport.

Executive Transportation

Some businesses or professionals are already accustomed to a certain standard of courtesy, VIP arrangements and transportation in style, which are no longer a luxury, but rather services that contribute to well rested and prepared appointments. With Breathe Logistics, the options are varied from rides with or without chauffeur and from luxury SUV to limo services.

All Round Transportation

From hotel to work, to grocery shopping, to grabbing a drink with a colleague, you will need transportation! Breathe Logistics facilitates all request for transportation.

Specialized Transportation

Certain situations ask for special care. From bulletproof vehicles, to armored trucks or a lowboy trailer. Special transportation needs in Suriname are easily arranged by us.

Car Lease

When driving in Suriname, the last thing(s) you want to worry about is nothing. Breathe Logistics makes sure that you get the best deals on a private or company lease contract, so you can drive care free.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a more suited option for short visits to Suriname. Breathe Logistics has a wide variety of options from trusted partners. You can choose from comfortable sedan to luxury SUV, depending on your needs.


Make an appointment with us, so you will have a worriless stay in Suriname. Ask us your questions and we will provide you with the best solutions.


Make an appointment with us, so we can go through all your needs and help settle your business in Suriname. Our experts are ready to serve you.


Breathe Logistics was founded out of passion to serve others. In a vibrant and ever-changing world, it can be challenging for individuals and companies to focus on the bigger picture, when there are so many crucial details that need to be taken care of. Our aim is to align and connect people, places and action to make logistics care-free. With our vast network and β€œcan do” approach, we get things done. Breathe Logistics understands the value of service and provides a wide range of logistical solutions for international, as well as local partners.



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