Whilst working and living in Suriname, you will need accommodation that feels more like home away from home.  Breathe Logistics gladly assists you every step of the way to your long term stay: your home. Together we always find the desired house or apartment that aligns with
your priorities and needs.

Orientation Meeting

This is the first meeting, either face to face or online, in which our team listens to your needs and gives an overview of housing possibilities.

Housing Search

After the orientation meeting Breathe Logistics gets to work by lining up potential properties that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Set up of one day viewing

Breathe logistics provides you with a list of addresses linked to appointments with property owners so you can plan sites visits by yourself on your own time.

Accompaniment for visits

We can also plan and accompany you to the site visits. Our personal guidance ensures that you are efficient and effective in the search for a desired home in Suriname.

Rentals - Assistance in negotiation

Negotiation is a skill that also needs local knowledge and context. Our experienced professionals can either assist or negotiate on your behalf for a fair deal based on a win-win approach.

Rentals - Inspections

This service is for all residents of Suriname, both individuals and companies. It involves completing a detailed move-in inspection and also recording the utility meter(s) while representing you to get the keys. Our service is all about standing in for you and anticipating any details that will make a difference to you (and your housemates).


As an official insurance agent of 2 of the biggest insurance companies in Suriname, providing assistance to choose a home insurance plan is a sure thing with us. After a comparison of different plans with the key criteria you define; the best coverage plan is selected to suit your needs. Breathe Logistics also handles the subscription/contract process for the policy you ultimately choose.

Telephone and Internet

Staying connected for personal or professional reasons is not even something we think about anymore….Rightfully so! We at Breathe Logistics get that and that is why assisting you in any communication needs, from landlines, to mobile services, internet and dedicated fiber to complete fully integrated Telephone systems for your company needs. Staying in touch in and out of Suriname is one thing you don’t need to worry about when you trust us just to make it happen all day and every day.

Maintenance assistance

Assisting you in maintaining the house and the garden is just one click away. Whether it’s cleaning the house, having a handyman on standby or organizing a trusted gardner. Breathe Logistics makes all the necessary arrangements so you can breathe.


Make an appointment with us, so you will have a worriless stay in Suriname. Ask us your questions and we will provide you with the best solutions.


Make an appointment with us, so we can go through all your needs and help settle your business in Suriname. Our experts are ready to serve you.


Breathe Logistics was founded out of passion to serve others. In a vibrant and ever-changing world, it can be challenging for individuals and companies to focus on the bigger picture, when there are so many crucial details that need to be taken care of. Our aim is to align and connect people, places and action to make logistics care-free. With our vast network and “can do” approach, we get things done. Breathe Logistics understands the value of service and provides a wide range of logistical solutions for international, as well as local partners.



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