From big impact teambuilding activities with small groups to multi venue business receptions. Organizations host numerous events for various reasons. We can take care of all in entails. Leave it to our creative team to help with inception and to do the detailed planning, execution and after care for your events. 


Have an event in mind, but need help with creativity? From inception to delivering a details program. We’ve got you covered.

Event planning

Planning, logistics, permits, budgets, design all the way to personalized invites, we are here to make event planning a breeze.

Event management

Breathe Logistics ensures that everything on the day of the event is taken care of. Pre-planning, coordination, follow up, exception management and last-minute changes.

Event consulting

With our vast experience in a variety of events, we love to spar with you on how we can achieve the desired impact of your event. With our pleasant and result focused methods we provide practical and impactful advice.

Project management

Project management by Breathe Logistics is how you ensure all your events have the same impact and a steady follow through: consistent management and reporting on a committed basis throughout an agreed upon time. Our team does the work, so you can breathe.


Make an appointment with us, so you will have a worriless stay in Suriname. Ask us your questions and we will provide you with the best solutions.


Make an appointment with us, so we can go through all your needs and help settle your business in Suriname. Our experts are ready to serve you.


Breathe Logistics was founded out of passion to serve others. In a vibrant and ever-changing world, it can be challenging for individuals and companies to focus on the bigger picture, when there are so many crucial details that need to be taken care of. Our aim is to align and connect people, places and action to make logistics care-free. With our vast network and “can do” approach, we get things done. Breathe Logistics understands the value of service and provides a wide range of logistical solutions for international, as well as local partners.



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